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Jack's Page

Jack fast asleep at 8 weeks

Jack was born July 6th at Muellers and now lives in the Chicago burbs.  He is a great Little Dude. He weighed 11 lbs at 8 weeks old and is now 23lbs at 3.5 months Jack does not shed, at least not yet, not a single hair!!!!

Jack at 8 weeks

in the grass

Like everyone else everywhere we go everyone asks what kind of dog is that?? They are very impressed by Jacks good looks and his personality. At 3.5 months he knows Sit, Paw, Other Paw, Down, Rollover, and will stay until we release him as long as there are treats involved. Without treats that's another story.

Jack and his brother at

5 weeks

Jack growing fast at

12 weeks

His eyes are black

I hope I can grow into these ears

Jack sleeping in a bean bag

Jack at 3.5 months

checking out an 80 lb. pumpkin

Well, thanks for sharing our Jack with the world. We love him so much. He was the perfect addition to our family