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Hamlet's Page

Hamlet was born on July 6, 2002, at Wayne and Janice Mueller's Woodville Kennels in Hilbert, Wisconsin. Hamlet now lives with Patrick and Tonya in Elk River, Minnesota.

These pictures were taken by the Mueller's when Hamlet was eight weeks old. The Mueller's described Hamlet as playful but gentle, and we have found that to be very true!

We picked Hamlet up from the airport on September 11th, 2002. We fell in love with him at first sight. Actually, we were in love with him before we picked him up from the airport. We had been on a waiting list since spring and we were so excited for his arrival! After his plane ride, Hamlet was scared to come out of his kennel, but he adjusted very quickly. We brought him all over town to show him off to our friends and family. This is a picture of Hamlet at Grandma and Grandpa's house. He was very tired from a very long day! Hamlet slept a lot his first couple of months of living with us.

At first, Hamlet was scared to walk down the stairs. This was a problem because we live in a split level house and we wanted Hamlet to ring a bell hanging from the door to let us know when he needed to go outside. With a lot of encouragement, he started going down the stairs by himself when he was 12 weeks old. Then, it only took him two weeks to figure out that ringing the bell meant he would be let outside. This was a wonderful way to potty train him!

When Hamlet was little, he loved laying under things. His favorite spot to sleep was inside this tray under the coffee table. I now look at the tray and find it hard to believe that he was ever small enough to fit inside of it! At 12 weeks old, Hamlet weighed 18 pounds.

Here Hamlet is hanging out under the door of the dishwasher! What is he going to fit under when he gets bigger? He is growing so fast!

It didn't take long for our sweet little dog to become our naughty little dog. He started stealing mom's socks and dad's hats and running away with them. The little guy sure is fast! When I wasn't looking Hamlet stole the flowers out of the vase on the coffee table and ate them! I wanted to punish him, but I took his picture instead. He's so cute that it is impossible to stay mad at him for more than a minute.

Look at how long my legs and how big my paws are!

 Hamlet loves playing other dogs. Here is a picture of Hamlet with his friend Bonzai. Hamlet is also good friends with Talon and Ozzy.

Hamlet loves taking a bath. He will even lift up one paw at a time so that you can wash it. It is so cute! We are looking forward to taking him to the lake next summer.

My husband wasn't too happy about dressing up Hamlet in this Halloween outfit, but my friend bought it for Hamlet as a gift. Hamlet wouldn't keep it on, so we held him long enough to take this picture. I love this picture. It was the perfect hat, as Hamlet is my little pumpkin. At just over 4 months old, Hamlet weighed 22 pounds.

Hamlet's favorite treat is an ice cube. He will sit, shake, or lay down for an ice cube. It has been a great incentive to train him. He learns really fast, but only when treats are involved. At just over 5 months old, Hamlet weighed in at 30 pounds.

Hamlet loves the snow! He eats it, kicks it, and lays down in it (but mostly eats it). Doodles are great for cold weather climates. I bought him some boots so we could take him for walks without ice and snow freezing to his furry paws. My husband thinks that they look silly, but Hamlet loves them because he can spend more time outside in the snow.

"I rang the bell,
so please let me outside!"

It only took Hamlet a second to sniff out exactly which gift under the tree was for him. I had to move his gift to the bottom of the pile behind the tree and kept a close eye on him at all times. Two days before Christmas, Hamlet was really being naughty and started shredding the newspaper and he ate the Christmas lights! We had to take him for an emergency vet appointment to get x-rays. At six months old, Hamlet is now a very active dog and we have to keep an eye on him at all times! He is chewing on everything! But, that day at the vet is how Hamlet met his friend Ozzy. See, Ozzy was found by the police our vet was trying to find a home
for Ozzy. We weren't ready for another dog, but we told our good friends, Mike & Mandy, about Ozzy, and they adopted him on Christmas Eve morning. It was just in time, because Ozzy was scheduled to go to the pound that afternoon!

"Hamlet,Ozzy": Here is a picture of Hamlet and Ozzy. This is one of the very few moments where they both were sat still long enough to take a picture. Ozzy stayed with us for a week and Hamlet was depressed for two days after Ozzy went home. We seriously considered getting another dog (a
black goldendoodle), but then we remembered the Christmas light incident and quickly came to our senses. We are going to make sure he has a lot of dog friends instead (for now).

This is Hamlet's pug friend, Barrett. Hamlet likes Barrett because Barrett has boots too.

Barrett doesn't only have boots, he has an entire snow outfit! Here he is looking pretty macho. Hmm... I wonder how Hamlet would look in one of those outfits? My husband would never talk to me again.

Hamlet doesn't really sleep under a blanket, but it made for a cute picture. He actually prefers to sleep on the tile floor by the front door or in the bathroom where it's cool. At about 8 months old, Hamlet stopped chewing on everything and could be trusted inside the house without supervision. He really started getting really fuzzy.

This is Hamlet at about nine months old and about 55 pounds. I think it's time that he get a haircut! His fur is very soft and he does shed lightly, which is noticeable on our black sofa and my black pants, but he doesn't bother my allergies at all. He is the most friendly dog that I've ever met and we couldn't love him more. He thinks that he is a lap dog and gives us lots and lots of kisses. Some neighbor boys yelled at my husband "Do you like walking your big fluffy kitty?" That was pretty funny. Everyone asks what kind of dog he is and thinks he looks like a big stuffed animal. We couldn't ask for a better dog and we just love his huge paws and big black nose.

My husband is the one that dressed up the dog this time! But of course, it was in his Michigan State Alumni t-shirt, so that makes it okay. This is the most adorable photo of Hamlet yet as he looks very proud to be wearing his dad's t-shirt. He's a dog after my husband's heart. Go State!!!

This is a picture of Hamlet after his first haircut. He really looked different! It took a little getting use to, but he was still a very handsome doodle. After two weeks, he's already starting to look shaggy again and is about 60 pounds. I don't think that he's going to get much bigger. With him being a lap dog, I hope that he doesn't get much bigger!