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Gus's Page

Gus was born on December 14, 2003 at Copperfield's Kennels in North Carolina and is now a part of the Metzler family. His mom is a cream standard poodle and dad is an English standard golden retriever.

Gus loves fetching his ball!

Gus weighed 25 pounds at his 12-week appointment. We have big plans to teach him to retrieve our morning newspaper from the bottom of our steep driveway. Unfortunately all he wants to do now is chew on and rip up the newspaper."

checking out
the driveway

At four months old Gus weighs 32 lbs! He's attending Puppy Obedience classes and is doing very well. The trainer comments every week about how smart Gus is and how fast he learns commands. He knows sit, stand, down, shake, get it, leave it, wait, house (which we use to have him go into his crate), fetch, give, over here, and some others -- there's so many commands now that I've actually had to write them all down so that I don't forget! :)

Gus learning commands

Elizabeth (Ellie) loves Gus! Gus has been very patient and forgiving of Ellie, our 18-month-old daughter. She gives him hugs and kisses, pushes him out of her way, and occasionally has smacked him on the nose for nipping her (which we're working on correcting, of course). He weighs more than her, but she definitely has no problem showing him that she's above him in our family "pack".

Ellie giving hugs and kisses

Ellie & Gus

Abigail (Abbie) is our 4-year-old daughter. She loves Gus, too, and thinks it's funny when he rolls over to have his belly rubbed. She likes to call herself "the dog boss" and give him commands -- sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn't -- and when he does, Abbie is very proud of HERSELF!

The Dog Boss

Abbie & Gus

At five months old Gus weighs 40 lbs.

He just keeps growing!

After eight weeks of classes, Gus graduated from Puppy Obedience on May 11, 2004. He really hated wearing the hat for the pictures -- it took about fifteen pictures to get these two good ones! We've signed him up for Basic Obedience, which meets for another eight weeks.

Trainer shaking Gus's hand

Gus says, "Fine, take the picture and get this silly hat off me!"

Whenever I put Gus in his crate, Ellie goes over and "makes love offerings" to poor Gus who is stuck in his crate -- she collects all her dolls and stuffed animals and tries to push them through the top of the crate. It's really funny to see. One day I snapped a few pics of this. This is a good one. Look at all the dolls on top of Gus's crate and look at Ellie's face -- she's so proud of herself! She's such a character! Luckily nothing has fallen through yet because I'm sure that Gus would chew it to bits!

At eight months old Gus weighs 56 lbs. He just finished Basic Obedience classes, and we are thinking about enrolling in Advance Obedience. Gus loves his nightly walks and chewing on his bones -- bully sticks are his favorite! He's quite a chewer and has even chewed holes in the durable Nylabones -- so much for durable! Luckily, he's very good about chewing on his bones and toys. He's never touched the furniture, thank God! Overall, he's very well behaved, and we couldn't ask for a better companion for our family. We're all crazy about him! :)

Abbie and Ellie like to get in Gus's crate with him. He seems to like the company! The girls do this almost daily, so I had to take some pictures. They usually pretend that they are dogs and sit in the crate "barking" -- I wonder what Gus thinks about all of this!

At ten months old Gus weighs 62 lbs. We are soon moving to Pennsylvania, and we are all very excited. Gus hears that there are monthly Doodle Romps in Berwyn and insists that he will go to every one! :) He's also looking forward to having a bigger yard to play in.