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Gingie's Page

July 12, 2002, Gingie was born in Sardinia, Ohio on Kris's farm. His parents are Cowgirl and Sonny. We thought Gingie was a fitting name for him as it means "redhead" in Hebrew. Gingie now lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Eva, Ed, Marissa, Gabe, and Sam.

Gabe finally has his puppy that he has wanted soooo badly for sooooo looooooong!

This was taken at Kris's home.

Gabe needs to share his new puppy with Marissa.

Gingie is checking out his new backyard.

Gingie at 9 weeks

Gingie resting
in the backyard

He is just as scary as the rest
of the kids on Halloween

Hanging out in the kitchen--
 at 40 lbs it's his favorite place


Gingie lounging in his favorite spot.


Gingie's first true snowfall and he is loving it!

It is almost as much fun as a roll to toilet paper!

Happy Hanukkah!

He knows what's good!

Gingie is enjoying a roasted marshmallow after a long day of playing in the snow.

Gingie got his first haircut!