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Domino's Page

Domino is from the Mueller's and was Born on November 22, 2002. He now lives with us On Long Island in New York. His half-brother Theo (see Theo's page) is only 20 minutes from us. He was one of 4 boys and has 5 sisters. His mother is Golden Retriever Rich Girl and his Dad is Pierre the Poodle.

Dominos arrival was touch and go due to freezing temperatures and the threat of the Cincinnati airport closing. But he made it finally on a cold night at 11pm. I didn't even wake my 4 year old daughter to tell her he made it.

By the next morning everyone was all smiles and getting along great.

Dominos 1st week ...

Dominos first day home and already making new friends with his Blue puppy. Now it is one of his favorite things

Domino is already part of the family on his first day home.

I had no idea dogs could sleep like that!! I can't wait until he snores ....

Need a lift anyone?

He was so tired he couldn't even make it all the way into his crate.

It is a tie in my house as to the cutest child ...

What do you think?

... Well at least he blends in
with the furniture.

As you can see Domino has made his home here in only three short weeks. We love him to pieces and will have more pictures as he gets bigger.

Some new photos of Domino - as you can see he has grown quite a bit. It is fun now that he plays soccer with the kids in the neighborhood.

Domino at 5 months,
41 Lbs, and still growing.

I knew Doodles were smart
but this is funny .... good job!