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Dan's Page

Danny, our `Dood', was named after “Big Dan” from the book, “The Red Fern Grows”.  If we had known how much Danny would grow, we would have definitively called him Big Dan.  Danny is now 17 months old (born in August 2001) and is 96 pounds.  With his thick fur and long legs he looks like he is 140 pounds.  The most common question we got in the last year (besides what is he?) is `Is he going to get any larger?   Needless to say, Danny has ingratiated himself thoroughly into our lives, so size is not an issue.  Dan is full of energy, is very curious, and is also very affectionate.   My wife can't sit on the couch without Dan jumping up and putting his head in her lap.  

Dan, probably like most `doods' loves the water and swims with us at a lake house in Maine we frequent during the summer.  As you can see from the picture, we had to get Dan his own pool for at home.  When hot, he jumps in to cool off.  Dan will even lie in ice cold water after running around.  Definitively, a cold weather loving dog.  We had him shaved last June so he wouldn't overheat in the summer.   Dan loves to hike, run through the snow, swim, chase balls, and play with the neighbors' dogs, a black lab named Tenor and a greyhound named Indy.   (I'm angling to get a second dog as Dan is obsessed with playing with other dogs.  Actually, Dan loves kids, cats, and just about anything.   I would love to get another Dood but my wife is thinking more on the line of getting one bred with a small poodle! )

Bio: Dan came from the Sugar Bear Farm in Salisbury, Ma.  The owner, Bobbie Bernstein, breeds golden retrievers.  Supposedly Dan's mother, a young golden and never bred, escaped and met up with the neighbors standard white poodle (supposedly both championship lines) who was quick to recognize the opportunity.  So unlike most, Danny was not an intentional Dood.  He has 11 litter mates.  

Hopefully we can get Dan to a `Dood' get together this spring.