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CW's Page

CW was born 12/12/02 at Mueller's Woodville Kennels in Hilbert, WI.  I was very fortunate in that the people that reserved him canceled that day (2/28) and I called the same day. I live about 45 minutes SE of Hilbert in Sheboygan (set your clock back 100 years) WI. I left immediately and we bonded in about 1 minute. It's been a ball ever since.

I wonder why my nose is cold

Tree, wait till I grow up

I hate frozen vegetables

My big sister Sammi and her parents

Sammi was the first 'doodle I had ever seen, and it was love at first sight.

I couldn't resist this picture. This is the same tree that he was chewing on when he was a "little" puppy. Now he is a big Yeti.  I don't think I'll ever get all of the chain saw shavings out of the house. He loved to roll in them.

I warned you tree

Here's a picture of CW and me in my kayak. We are out in Newport Bay, in front of my cousin's and my house. He loves the birds, and will swim and fetch from the water.