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Charlie's Page

The name of our Golden Doodle is Charlie.  My son named him Charlie after a main character in the Disney movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven".  Charlie is quite a character all on his own.  We have had a wonderful experience with Lovina and Burkhart Kennels.  We were unable to travel to Burkhart Kennels due to an illness in the family.  We had never seen a Golden Doodle other than what was on the internet and that had me a bit concerned because of the wide difference in looks and 'facts' that each web site contained.  I decided to call and speak to the site that had the best looking doodles.  I called Burkhart Kennels and spoke with Lovina and explained to her what we were looking for in a dog and asked her to send us a puppy that would fit our needs.

Charlie arrived and immediately made himself part of the family.  
Charlie is a very loving puppy.  He keeps us very entertained.
Charlie loves children.  My kids are 10 and 8 years old.  Charlie loves to play.
"Chase me" is his favorite game.  He likes to be chased.  He will also turn the tables and chase the kids.  But Charlie will also relax and cuddle just as quickly.

Allergies and asthma are an issue in our household.  Charlie does not shed.  He makes sure our kitchen floor is kept Cheerio free.  He insists on a crumb free environment.

He is more of a reddish, blondish, mocha color.  He is not fully grown yet so I am not sure on how big he is going to get.  These picture were taken at 17 weeks and he was 28 lbs.

We are very happy with our Charlie from Burkhart Kennels.