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Buddy's Page

This is a short story about our sweet Buddy. We got him from a family near Brainerd, Mn who had both the female golden retreiver/ white standard poodle. They thought it would make a nice dog and breed them, my they were right.

The first photo is his ride home with just me as he was a surprise for our 2 girls. He did great in the car.

He was 8 weeks old
on Sept. 13, 2002...

here are the girls...

...meeting their new puppy

Budbud checking out his new surroundings. He adjusted very quickly.

3 months

and loving playing in the piles of leaves

In this picture with Dad and girls, you can just tell what a proud dad he is.  I picked this Doodle out and he quickly won my husbands heart.

proud Dad

his favorite way to sleep,
usually on his back,
seems typical of other doods

 I think you can now say we are all Doodle crazy!

looking pretty shaggy

we are so cute

my favorite place to cool off

I just love my baths

after bath, now I have to run through the house and dry off

How I look at 9 months   

Tomorrow I get my first big haircut

Buddy just received his first really big haircut, wow what a difference, we and everyone else are asking, is that really Buddy.

Its quite a change, but I know he loves it

Buddy enjoying the good life, and the perks of being a

On vacation in Northern Wisconsin with the girls

Mr. Handsome