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Boomer's Page

portrait by Sinclair Stratton

Here are some pictures of our beautiful mini goldendoodle that arrived from Australia (Kate Schoffel). Boomer was from Kate's first litter of mini golden's and he is a keeper. His fur is very long and very, very soft. He has a great golden color and most everyone thinks he is a pure bred Golden Retriever.

Our Wheaten "Riley" is not sure if he likes having such a little brother. Boomer is constantly grabbing Riley by the beard and Riley looks at us like "What did I do to deserve this!"

I think they will become best of pals when Boomer ages a little.

We are thrilled with our new addition, and will keep you posted on his progress.

Boomer is getting along well here in San Diego. He is growing taller and fatter. He is a ball of energy and is becoming friends with Riley.

He doesn't sleep as much as when he first arrived. I guess jet lag slowed him down for about a week. We were commenting on how mellow he was, a little too soon I think. He is running us ragged, and we love every minute.

Here are some new pictures of Boomer. He is just an adorable dog. He is the smartest thing. He gets up in the morning before our "older" dog and sits at the door with his ear against it to listen if Riley is stirring yet. As soon as Riley gets up, Boomer is ready to play.

Some recent pics of Boomer...