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Biscuit's Page

Biscuit was born March 7, 2002 at the Mueller's. Her mom is Abbey and her dad is Pierre.
She now lives with Steve & Diane, Garrett, Rachael and Cailynn in Wisconsin.

Biscuit arrived at her new home on May 4th.

She was 10 lbs and very tolerant of all the love and attention she received.

She loves chasing the three kids in the backyard.

Her favorite game is keep
away. She will FETCH but has no interest in DROP.

A favorite place to relax was under the kitchen island until she out grew the space at 3 months.

Biscuit watched the 4th of July Parade from her front yard.

She was 32 lbs at 4 months and still growing into those large paws.

What is it about a dog looking like its owner...

The girls found a new dance partner.
Biscuit is just happy to jump up to greet everybody.

My, how she has grown since she first arrived. 5 months old and 45 lbs.

She still gets many oohs and ahhs when she is on a walk. She always sits when
another dog barks (an unfortunate habit when crossing busy Main Street).

She rarely barks, but we have heard her practice a few deep woofs now and then.

Gotta love her!