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Bella-Bella's Page

Bella was born on 3/31/02 a few miles away from us at the Mueller's Woodville Kennels. She stayed right here in Wisconsin and lives in an old stone farmhouse with 4 acres to romp around in.

Bella at 5 months

She has two black standard poodle neighbors (Ollie & Raven) who adore her and love to take her to the dog park to play--where we understand she's a hit!

Off to the dog park with
Ollie & Raven and "Uncle Jim"

Bella's first Vet appointment

4 month puppy-dog eyes

Her "Dad" likes to say she's "Big on Cute!"--She's definitely a charmer!

Can dogs smirk?

4 months

 waiting to be carried down the steps

5 months
with her favorite goose

3 months--unposed--watching the Williams sisters center court

Ciao Bella!