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Atticus's Page

Our dood, Atticus, was born near Corsicana, TX in April of 2003.  Atticus lives with the Slinkard family in Austin TX. So far, Atticus has been a great puppy. He was the runt of the litter, and is growing a lot.

Atticus is the half-brother of Oliver - Atticus was born in the Zoe/Allen litter.

Some pictures of Atticus' first week at home;

Atticus' first bath… we think he looks like a Chihuahua when he is wet.

Atticus with Dolly, the retriever across the street.

He loves his teddy bear and puppy bed.

Atticus outside…

Atticus at home…

Here are some pictures of Atticus around 12 weeks old.

What a smart little Dood!!!

….. But he can also be a goofball.

At 12 weeks, Atticus is learning quickly. He doesn't have accidents in the house, and has learned many tricks; including come, sit, stay, roll over, speak, lie down, up, shake and Bang! Bang! (although we are still working on most of them - he forgets very easily!).