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Abby's Page

Abby was born April 14, 2002 on Lovina's farm in a litter of eight. Her mom is Belle (Poodle) and her dad is Dandy (Golden). She was a good sport about the 3 1/2 hour drive home even though she got carsick several times....thank goodness she outgrew that!

She lives with the Simon family (Anne, Dave, Alex, Elizabeth, and Emily) in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan in a neighborhood full of kids and dogs. She loves everybody, and everybody seems to love her right back. Even though she towers over her playmates now, she is very gentle when she uses her big paws to wrestle.

One of her favorite things is jogging with Dave first thing in the morning. She has her daddy well trained, and rewards him with paw-pats and kisses while he is sleepily putting on his running shoes. Abby is very athletic, and according to her veterinarian running 2 or 3 miles is like walking around the block for her.

Another favorite activity is chasing tennis balls in the park. Her long legs and beautiful coat are quite a sight at full speed. Watch out when she puts her rump in the air, though: it means she is about to tease you and you aren't getting the ball back until she is ready to let you have it!

Snow has been a great treat for Abby, and the cold doesn't bother her at all. She also loves water, so when the local skating rink thawed briefly she went plunging in to the chest-deep water and had a happy frolic.

When she shows up at the back door with muddy face and paws, we say "Abby, time for a shower" and she trots into the bathroom and into the shower. She really enjoys being showered and scrubbed.

No shedding, and we have had several highly allergic kids visit with no problems at all.
Abby is our first dog, and she has been very easy and a lot of fun.

Dec. 2003