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Abbey's Page

This is Abbey. She was born on March 1st 2002. She lives in St. Petersburg Florida with Chris and Christy Adams.

We got Abbey after much anticipation from Rainbow Park in Ontario Canada. We were very excited when they called and told us we were finally going to have a goldendoodle puppy! We waited for 5 months...she was well worth the wait!

We were a little worried about her plane trip from Canada. We were so excited when Rainbow Park called to tell us that another puppy (Cedi) from the same litter would be going to another family in the Tampa bay area, and that the puppies would be able to ride together. We were so happy to find out she would not have to make the trip alone.

8 weeks

Abbey was the only female and the smallest puppy in her litter. She weighed 5 pounds 7 ounces when we first got her. The ladies at Rainbow park had told us that she "held her own" with her bigger brothers. They also described her as being "active". We were a little scared....ha ha

She did well adapting to her new surroundings...except for when it was time to go to bed. She missed sleeping all bundled up with her littermates, and I must admit there was some incessent crying the first night. But after a few nights she was feeling comfortable on her own. House training was also fairly easy.
Thank you Rainbow Park!

9 weeks

Yes, Florida Doodles really do LOVE tile floors.

She sure did take a lot of naps the first few weeks!

10 weeks

She loves people....especially children. Anytime she hears children in the neighborhood, she perks up and gets so excited. She loves to play. This picture was taken on Mother's day with our nephews Tyler and Justin. They kept asking if they could take her home with them. We had to say no. Of course!

She has a wavy golden coat (so soft) and what we call a "mohawk" that runs down her nose. Its so cute! We hope it stays!

She loves to follow us from room to room around the house. She doesn't like it when she is left behind. But has learned sometimes it just has to be.

She is quite accustomed to a camera. :)

She loves going for rides....but mostly she prefers to drive.

15 weeks

She's very intelligent. She picks up on commands quite quickly. She's great!

18 weeks

This was her first trip to the puppy park in St. Petersburg. We went for a walk along the water. We didn't get much exercise because people kept stopping us to pet her say how cute she was. We were proud, and she definitely ate it up!

After all that walking she finally had to stop and find a shady place to rest and get some water! She was pooped!

Good Morning!

Abbey is now 24 weeks old. She is doing great. We have enrolled ourselves and Abbey in a puppy training course. We can't wait to learn to teach her some new things. She is a great dog. She is just exactly what we were looking for in a pet. She's sweet, very intelligent, has a great personality...and she soooooo cute. We love her!

She's getting so big!   Its strange. When she was a puppy she rarely chewed on anything other than her toys. She never ruined anything of ours until recently. I guess you could say she has been going through a "destructive" stage...chewing holes in blankets, socks, pillows. Nothing too terrible and it could be because she has a lot more roaming freedom now, than we allowed her to have when she was a small puppy. We have decided to do our part and be more responsible about leaving things laying around. We figure some puppy proofing will help get us through this stage smoothly.

Other than that everything has been great. No major problems to report. We're just loving her more and more each day....

She's so intelligent...she really shocks us sometimes.

This picture I just had to share because it's so cute. We were in the pet store one day and saw this red raincoat. It was great during the hurricane season in Florida. We got a lot of rain most days so it was just the ticket. She seemed to enjoy prancing around in it as well.

We took a training course and she did extremely well. It really has helped us learn the correct way to teach her commands, and she's really responding. It was also great to get her socializing with other dogs. She would get so excited on Saturday mornings when we would grab her leash to go to the class.

Here she is with our cat Jordan.

Before and After....
her first haircut

We decided to try out the short look. We weren't sure what to think at first. She looked sooo different. But this look is really growing on us. She seems happier (cooler) too. We're probably going to try and keep it this way for now.

Happy Halloween! She went nuts over all the little trick -or- treat-ers!!!

We took a road trip last weekend to visit our family in Alabama. She rode so well in the back seat. She really enjoys riding in he car.

While in Alabama she went for a paddle boat ride with my husband around his parents pond. She was loving it!!

Thought I'd Share a couple pictures of Abbey's 1st Christmas. As you can see... she enjoyed it very much.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New year!

More to come...