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Zoe's Page

Zoe lives with Jack, Cindy and their kids outside of Boston. She was born on Lovina's farm on September 20, 2001. Her parents are Marigold and Bentley.

The trip to Lovina's farm in Ontario was terrific. Jack was in and out with Zoe in record time and actually made an earlier flight back to Boston. The kids were surprised at how early he got home, and all had a wonderful evening playing with Zoe and getting to know her.

Bye-bye to all my sibs.....

....and hello to Cindy

This is Cindy's first hug with Zoe -- Cindy met us at the airport coming home from Lovina's.   Zoe was 7 weeks old.

"chilling" on the kitchen floor

Zoe is loving, curious and always playful -- with a daily burst of puppy exuberance.  She loves having her coat brushed and cuddling with the kids and very quickly became part of the family.  

Now, at 10 weeks, she has the run of the yard where she explores and "stalks" her favorite ball before pouncing on it.

just hanging out in my Sherpa

Zoe is quite proud of her first haircut, sitting here with her best foot forward. Her groomer worked extra hard to bring out all her best traits and she loved being pampered.

4 months old and
growing up gorgeous

One of Zoe's favorite pastimes is to hang out with
Jack on the front step and watch the world go by

Nothing beats an afternoon nap, at either end of the couch