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Yankee N's Page

Yankee was born in January of 2002 at Amy Lane's Fox Creek Kennels.  He now shares his life with the Lewis family in Portland.

I got a beautiful golden doodle pup last week from Amy Lane. She called me unexpectedly one morning as she had had a cancellation on one of their January pups. He flew out a couple days later.

We actually call him Yankee Noodle - but it is not really a dignified name. He just looks like a long noodle when he lies on the ground and stretches.

He is so wonderful and is now about 9 weeks old. We are having a tremendous time and he is very smart so I am happy as I think he will be easy to train.

He is so fantastic.

No one out here in Portland has heard of Goldendoodles but everyone comments on how gorgeous he is. Everyone loves him, especially me!