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Sophie's Page

Sophie was born on Oct.12,2001 to Tulip and Bentley. There were only three in this litter and they were all females. Our Sophie was the middle girl.  Sophie lives with the Leiter's in Pennsylvania - there are five of us- Jen, Greg, Chris (age 14), Kaitlyn (age 11) and Reid (age 4).

We were told prior to coming to pick her up that this was going to be a small litter so my husband arrived with a cat crate to take her home in and soon realized she wasn't going to fit! At 11 weeks she was 18lbs.and now at 41/2 months she is 40lbs. We think she has the poodle's long legs and her hind end wiggles when she walks.

But she definitely has the retriever in her for she loves to chase and retrieve the frisbee and tennis ball.

She loves the beach and we have a very dog friendly spot, where when the tide is low there are oodles of dogs( yet only one doodle as far as we know) that run around and socialize.

Clever girl

Sophie on
Christmas Day

Sophie started out a bit shy with strangers and still is a little timid but is definitely coming into her own.

Sophie in
January 2002

Now Sophie has turned a year old and has grown, so we have some updated pictures...

Sophie on Katy's birthday

Sophie in
January 2002

Sophie in early March 2002

Sophie in
May 2002

Sophie is now a healthy 85 pound 3.5 year old goldendoodle.

August 2004
playing with her best friend Mack the Labradoodle

Sophie in
September 2004

Christmas 2002