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Sketch's Page

Sketch was born on December 25th, 2001 at Lovina Burkhart's Kennels - he's a Christmas puppy!  His mother is Lexus, a silver Standard Poodle, and his father is Dandy, a Golden Retriever.  He now shares his life with John and Lisa in Manhattan Beach, California.

He has a wonderful temperament and is cute as the dickens, too.  Don't you love the fluffy stuff growing above his ears like a halo?

Sketch is a sports innovator.  He likes to climb the sides of our cup shaped
backyard and slide down on his stomach.  Sometimes he lies down on a section of a hill which isn't steep enough, waiting expectantly for his wild ride.  Eventually, he moves to a steeper area, and WHOOPEE he's gliding downhill!

When Sketch isn't training to be a luge athlete, he likes to cuddle on my
lap and chew a bone.

Lisa and I just wanted to share a pictures with you of Sketch at 12 weeks old. Here he is with a fleece Frisbee the same color as his hair. Now tipping the scales at 17 lbs, he’s grown into a well-behaved, docile young fellow. House breaking has gone so well, we give him run of the house. Now, we have him in puppy kindergarten. While Sketch is a bit intimidated by all the puppies, we are learning a lot! Who’s learning more? Me, Lisa, or Sketch? I’m not sure.

12 weeks old Sketch attends his second week of puppy kindergarten. The first shot shows Sketch and classmates learning the sit command. Sketch is beside Max, a purebred golden retriever.  Sketch's poodle characteristics are evident in comparison to Max.

Puppy Skool Daze

The second shot shows Sketch observing Dexter the miniature dachshund's performance piece entitled "Shakin' All Over!"

Sketch critiquing Dexter the Doxie's interpretive dance explaining
plate tectonics or something.

Misty and Sketch master the "off" command

Sketch weighed 17 lbs when these pix were taken last week. Now, he weighs over 20 lbs!

Living so close to Hollywood, 5 month old Sketch has been bitten by the acting bug. Here in our front yard, he models his first haircut, hoping to be "discovered."

He's a sweety, but I keep telling him that dogs who jump up and tear holes in people's sleeves will have limited success in their acting careers.

Here's an action shot of Sketch, perfecting his clothes ripping technique on Frisbees