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Scout's Page

Scout was born at Lovina's farm on March 28.  She now shares her life with the Mancuso Family in western New York.  Her littermates on this site are Jessie,  Doodles, Jake, Aspen, Shandy and Oakley.

She started out looking just like all the other Doodles. She is about 5 months now and has short hair all over except for her ears. They are a little fluffy and wavy. She has no feathering on the tail or legs yet. The vet said she had some of her adult coat but everything is very short-no more than an inch or so.

Nicolas, 8 years

 & Scout, 3 months
Jack, 6 years,

& Scout 6 months

She has a totally retriever face-very cute with the ears and all.  She is a lighter color but has some red in her.  She is a trim build  and doubled her weight to 40 lbs at her visit Monday.

such a sweet face

As far as shedding, she does not appear to shed.  She has a long tail but I don't know what a poodle tail would look like.  I think the way her genes lined up she just ended up with straight short hair but we will see in a few months.

the only poodle traits Scout shows

are a tail that goes on and on...
and a sweet nature!

An update on scout since we are at birthday time -
Well, she is as nice a dog as ever however, she sheds unbelievably--no low shed dog here. She is kind of timid and was never a wild puppy. She's very nice natured, the kids love her, and other than the shedding, she is perfect.