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Rusty's Page

Last week we adopted an 8 week old mini goldendoodle from Amy Lane. His name is Rusty Doodle and his birthdate is 1/11/02. Rusty's dad is JV's Top Notch Tarzan - an apricot miniature poodle - and his mom is a Golden named Honey Dew . His new home is in Franklin Lakes, NJ which he shares with a cat (Suzy)and a family of 5. We are all thrilled with Rusty - with the exception of Suzy.

Rusty was 10 weeks old on March 22, 2002.

Some of his favorite things are eating sticks....

 playing tetherball...

 and sleeping!

He is the greatest and most adorable puppy!!   

Here's a photo of Rusty with his visiting sib Roxi. They both are about 3 1/2 months here. They had a great reunion!!

Here's Rusty at about 6 months...a true Yankee fan!!

And here is Rusty, also about 6 months, trying to get along with his favorite cat Suzy...but she'll have nothing to do with him!

Rusty is now 10 months and 40 pounds

We're hoping he doesn't grow anymore!!