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Roxi & Yogi's Page

Roxi came from Amy Lane's farm. She was born on 1/11/02. Her mother is a Golden (Honey) and her father is a minature poodle (Tarzan). She was one of 10 puppies in the litter. We live in Tarrytown, New York. She is the happiest pup I have ever seen.

The tail is always wagging!! At 9 weeks she weighed 8.5 pounds. At 10 weeks she weighs 9.2 pounds. She is expected to be between 30 - 40 pounds when full grown.

Here I am....

with all my neat stuff.....

We love her!!!

living the good life!

She is just WONDERFUL in every way.   Here are some photos of Roxi at 11 weeks -

Evan, Roxi & Allison

Jeff, Roxi & Brett

Barbara & Roxi

Roxi is a real

girl with a shoe fettish!!!!

growing up gorgeous!

oh ya!

Here are some recent photos of Roxi. In the photos she is 4 months old and 18 pounds. She is doing very well and growing quickly!!!

Roxi & Lindsay

Aunt Marisa (Roxi's God Mother) and Roxi

Here are some recent photos...taken a few days ago. Roxi is 5 months in these photos.



silly Dood!

Roxi will be 1 year next week (1/11). She has been just an amazing dog!!!


Roxi continues to be an amazing Doodle. We just finished a pet therapy program and will start our " visits" in September. I am hoping to be placed at a children's hospital.

Roxi has been such a wonderful pup that we added YOGI to our family. He is actually Roxi's nephew. He is a mini Backcross.....mother is a mini goldendoodle and father is a minature poodle. He just gets cuter by the day. He was born Feb 3, 2003.

Roxy and Yogi!


 Aunt Isabelle (Yogi's Godmother)
and Yogi

 Linz & Doodle

 Barbara & Yogi