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Riley's Page
We picked Riley up from the Mueller's last weekend. He is 8 weeks old and his parents are Stephanie and Pierre.  His brother is Otis, and sister is Polly.   He is at home with Jim and Jana and Rachael in very cold Minnesota. He torments Lucy, the cat but slowly they are coming to an understanding!

He weighed 13 pounds at 8 weeks but has grown a lot already. He has learned to "sit" and "lay" with only 2 lessons!!! He is very smart and we love him dearly!!!!

At 4 months old Riley is about 35 pounds.

He is a joy and so smart. He has mastered all of the tricks I taught him and knows all obedience commands, however he is still a puppy and conveniently forgets some of them when it is to his advantage! He is totally bell trained and housebroken.

Whenever we take him out he draws attention and everyone wants to know all about our Doodle!

He is a wonderful part of our family, great fun and most importantly a loving companion!

This is his 1 1/2 yr old photo. He is the most amazing dog  we have ever owned. He is smart and has a personality like no dog we have ever had. We are so impressed with these dogs that we will soon be breeding them ourselves.

Everywhere we go with Riley people stop us to ask about him and wonder where they can get one. We feel so strongly about what wonderful dogs they are we want to send more into the world!!!!!!