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Ranger's Page

This is the story of our guy, Ranger. Ranger was born on Lovina’s farm Sept. 20 , 2001, and now lives with the Feldmann family in Lebanon, Ohio. His parents are Rose and the infamous Bentley. He is brother to Gracie, Farley, and I believe, Pogo.

Ranger - The All-American Dood!

We were unsure if we would be able to pick our little guy up due to issues that had developed here at home.

Lovina holding me up for the camera.
Still have some growing to do.

Lovina was great! She found a wonderful couple from upstate Ohio who were also picking up a pup from the same litter and asked them if they could help us out. The Catletts are terrific people who made it possible for us to have our baby. They picked up Ranger and their little girl (Ranger’s sister), the ever so lovely Gracie, and headed back to Ohio. We were able to pick Ranger up at their home. They took very good care of him!

The ride to my new home is so exhausting, but the kid seems nice.

Ranger was such a quiet, sweet ball of fluff when he first came home. It didn’t take long for him to relax and be himself, and is now full of mischief, but still very sweet. He took to our Irish Wolfhound, Gryphon, right away and they became fast friends. What a size difference! Now Uncle Gryphon serves as companion, bed, and jungle gym for the little guy.

Ranger snuggles up to Uncle Gryphon.

We also have a Shi-tzu/person, Samantha, better known as Auntie Sam. Auntie Sam is still unsure if she likes another dog in the house. She seems to think his antics are far from funny, and has little patience with those sharp puppy teeth.

As with all these amazing dogs, Ranger has learned a lot for his few short months on this planet. So far he will sit, stay, lie down, and shake when in the mood. He rings the bell when he wants to go out, and rings it furiously without relenting when it is dinner time. He knows if he rings the bell it will get us up and moving fast, and then he proceeds to point us in the direction of his food bowl. He is a Houdini dog, a great escape artist. He can scale a pressure gate . He is also able to escape his fenced in area without leaving a clue as to how or where he is getting out.

Ranger surveys his new territory.

Our 8 year old son loves Ranger. What could be more grand than a boy and his dog? Ranger really enjoys his evening outing with Dad to feed the Rabbit but is still unsure if he wants to be a part of the donkey feeding. He looks at them with a very confused look on his face. They sure don’t look like a dog, and the strange sounds that come out of them…hhhmmmm….

Hey, kid. Let go of me so I can tear open the presents.

We feel very blessed to have found such a great dog. He is a joy to the whole family. Our son who serves in the U.S. Navy has seen pictures and heard stories and is looking forward to meeting Ranger . He hopes that with a little luck he will be able to make it home before Ranger gets too big. He wants to see him as a pup.

We hope that when Ranger gets a little bit older he will like to go to work as a therapy dog. I used to do a lot of therapy work with Winnie the wonder Newf (Newfoundland) who passed away last year. I think with Ranger’s smarts and outgoing personality he will be a natural!

Hey, don't call me a mama's boy!

We are surely dazzled by our dood!!!!

The camera loves me! (11 weeks old)

Ranger at 7 months

enjoying a warm spring day