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Quincy's Page

Quincy now resides with Bill, Tracy and our 3 1/2 year old retriever mix Pepper, in New York!   Quincy was born on December 24, 2001. We don't know much about where he was born, his parents or the whereabouts of the siblings because we got him from Vince, who owns Pets & More in Oakville, Ontario.   I want to say that Vince was very helpful to us during the whole process. He spent so much time with us on the two occasions we visited him, and answered tons of questions we had. Needless to say, our whole doodle experience has been a positive one!

Our little guy asleep in his bed -
all 4.7 pounds of him!!

Vince called on Saturday, February 2, informing us that he had a litter of 5 Doods - 3 males and 2 females - and we had pick of the litter! We were surprised to get his call because we weren't expecting a call until the summer, but the litter was unexpected, and we lucked out!

What's that, a finger? Yum!

My new sister Pepper's head is as big as me!

Tasty bracelet!

We drove up on Friday, February 8, to pick out our puppy. We wanted a male, and there were three to choose from. It really is amazing how they all have their own personality at 6 1/2 weeks! They were all so beautiful, we wanted all three, but could only take one. Our choice was so difficult, but then our little guy practically chose us! Quincy was the cutest thing, and he kept coming up to my husband and I, licking first me then him, his tail wagging the whole time. He was the one for us.

March 9, 2002

 I feel safe between your feet, Dad!

I love my cousin Lizzy!!

Cousin Bugsey the pug checking me out for
the first time

Bugsey wants a closer look!

Well, the rest is history. We now have our wonderful little guy, who is 12 weeks now and weighing in at 20 pounds (which is amazing considering he was 4.7 pounds the day we got him!) He is happy and healthy, having fun doing things puppies love to do! We couldn't be happier! We all love him dearly, and can't say enough about him!

Now cousin Lucy is interested in me -

I'm a popular guy!

I love Bugsey - kiss, kiss!!

 In mom's arms at last!

What a day!!

Here's some pictures of Quincy and his big "sister" Pepper. We took them swimming at Hamlin Beach - he is more of a wader then a swimmer.

Quincy and Pepper at Hamlin Beach, April, 2003

Let's change his music to "Change the World" by Eric Clapton.  He has certainly changed our world big time!