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Prince's Page

On November 4, 2001 at Lovina's farm, a "Prince" was born in a litter of three to parents, Queenie and Bentley.  Prince now lives in Tampa, Florida with his human parents, Julie and David.

Prince is 11 months now and we love him so much. He is the most wonderful dog, affectionate, funny, smart and the biggest part of our family. He is our baby.

Prince was named after a golden retriever his parents fell in love with while honeymooning in Anguilla. This little dood truly is a Prince!

At 7.5 weeks old and 13 pounds

a roly poly little Dood

Already, in a week's time, our prodigy is ringing his bell to go out, and is walking on a leash. He loves to run and play, and cuddle up in his parent's laps. He brings us so much joy every minute we are with him, and we could not be happier to be doodle parents.

Where's the sports section?

We are curious to see what he will grow up to look like, but are in no hurry because he is so adorable now. Doodles are the best!!!

Doodles are
the best!!!
So far we think he looks like a golden, with some real poodle traits. We could swear he smiles at us! He is our prodigy, and amazes us daily with his intelligence, and his affectionate and loving nature.

This is Prince at 12 weeks and 25 pounds, growing bigger every day!

a handsome young Dood
We LOVE him. And cannot wait to get another in a year or two.

I have more Princey pics. These are at 18 weeks. He IS growing up so fast. Sigh... It is amazing.

Just look at the intelligence in these eyes....

Golden boy

How we love our dood.

At six months old, Prince weighs more than 50 pounds. He loves swimming in the ocean and running on the beach while carrying a stick or tennis ball.

He is the most affectionate, funny dog and we love him so very much.

 He truly is a member of our family.
We can always count on him to make us laugh, and he lets us know when he is happy too. He prances and even sometimes stands up, puts his paws on us, and gives us a doggy hug    :-)