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Polly's Page

We are proud to welcome little Polly (as in Wolly Doodle) to our family!  She was born on December 23, 2001 at Mueller's Woodville Kennels in Wisconsin.  She shares her life with Ward and Melinda Brown of  Tennessee.   Her brothers on this site are OTIS and RILEY!

I'm very active and weighed just 11 pounds at 9 weeks!  

I'm a sweet little girl...

This is my bed - don't I look cute?
I'm pretty much the queen of this castle....

We love our Miss Polly!

I'm growing and growing! Here I am at four months and
 25 big-girl pounds!

This is me at the
lake - Boy I love the water.

This is my friend Sadie - she likes to swim,  too!

Hangin' with my Dad...

My first time in the lake in March. Get that duck...

My favorite place of all... Mommy's lap!

Look at me - I'm a BIG girl!! Here I am tubing with my mom and her friend!
(I'm pretty much grown-up now at 8 months and 48 pounds). I just love the
"dog" days of summer...

Good news for me! I am starting a therapy dog program soon. My mom tells me that means I will get to work and 'earn my keep'... But I think it means I will get to play with more kids and maybe even some older folks. I can't wait!! I hope they like me!