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Pogo's Page

Pogo: (PO Poodle, GO Golden Retriever)

Pogo was born at Lovina's Farm on September 20th, 2001.

His Mom is Rose and Dad is Bentley.  Pogo is a Goldendoodle... as compared to a dachshundoodle or anything else.

His three remaining sisters say goodbye to their brother.

Pogo starts his journey to a new life with Jim and Cathy Dusen in Batavia, New York.

On his first full day at home the new kid on the block started getting used to the place and decided he could have a good time there.

After some hesitation stepping on snow for the first time Pogo really got into it tonite. He was running and skidding out, getting his nose and mouth in it and having a good taste of the white stuff. And oh, yes he got his first chance to make yellow snow!

Winter finally came and Pogo tested out his traction on the white stuff.

At three months old
he sits for the camera
in Jim's photo studio.
His next big adventure was a visit to Grandma's house in the Catskills. He was a good boy for the five hour drive. And Grandma's carpets lucked out too!

Pogo liked his Apple Computer box next to our bed. We should have named him Mac! At this point he outgrew the box and settled on the bedroom floor with his own doggie bed.

What a difference from the little pup we brought home two
months earlier and the four month old guy in this photo. And he has a lot of
growing ahead of him!

We think he's great! The fun has just begun!

Here's a snap shot of Pogo
on March 12, 2002.

He's become quite the furball!

Yep... Today's Pogo's semi birthday... Six months old today. Here's a couple pix of the old boy. He's turned out to be quite a handsome dood.

We say he's got a Rod Stewart haircut!

Wouldn't the Poodle Parlor people like to get their clippers on him!

Pogo resting after playtime in the back yard.

He's just three days shy of being nine months old.

Pogo just celebrated his

first birthday!

Pogo looked so comfortable tonight I just had to photograph him.

Pogo... King of the Hill! 1/25/03