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Penny's Page

These are pictures of our goldendoodle Penelope (Penny) She now lives in Jackson New Jersey with us... the Bruns family.  She was a gift from Santa on Christmas morning to Alyssa and Matthew. She came from Amy Lane and was bred by Judy Hahn.  Her parents are Sporting Chance- Apricot Std Male Poodle and Bella Breeze- a Light Golden Female. She was born on October 2, 2001. When she arrived at almost 10 weeks old she weighed 8.5 lbs. At her next vet appt. she was 14 lbs at 14 weeks. She is a wonderful puppy and is a very light shedder.

 Penny at 10 weeks old

When she arrived she came with this message from Santa  -

HO, HO, HO, young Alyssa and little Matt,
those cookies you left me will keep me nice and fat,
I checked my list which showed you've been good times two,
so a PUPPY I decided, was the right gift for you!
Her name is Penelope, you can call her Penny,
she was born here at the North Pole and loved by so many.
She's a special breed called a Goldendoodle,
her Mom's a Golden Retriever and her Dad's a Poodle.
She's still a young puppy, born on October two,
and to keep her happy, here's what you're to do:
Be great helpers for Mom and Dad,
never fight over her, or she will get sad.
Keep playin' with Cleo, your sweet ole' friend,
she'll teach Penny how to cuddle with you at day's end.
But most of all, you should never forget,
Penny is so much more than just a pet.
She's a beautiful gift that you must take care of together,
And in return, she'll love you both forever and ever.


 Penny at 16 weeks old

She'll love you both

Forever and ever