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Otis's Page

Otis shares his life with the Paul family in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Otis was born on December 23rd, 2001 at Mueller's Kennels.  His mom is a Golden Retriever named Stephie, and dad is a white Poodle named Pierre. He has eight brothers and two sisters.  Sister Polly and brother Riley have their own page on this site.

He's 8 weeks old is this photo and we'll be taking more shots as he grows. Can't wait to see what's in store!

We're so in love with him!

On his first day with his new family he went to a 8th grade championship basketball game and helped to cheer the team on to a victory!


Sleepy boys

I didn't do it

If other doodle lovers are like me, they love to see what the puppies look like at different stages. Here's a shot of Otis at 12 weeks.

Getting fuzzier...

Otis is now just over 5 months old. Last time we checked, he was 51 lbs, but he seems to be putting weight on every day, so he may be nearly 55lbs by now. I'd like to post a new picture - he's a little mangy looking in this one, but that's sort of his trademark anyway!

5 months

Some ner summer shots of Otis ----

before his first haircut....

Who is that dog?!

We weren't pleased, but he thought he was the most handsome doodle ever. I've never seen him so proud of himself!

Otis at 8 months. He's finally grown out a bit.

Can you see how long those eyelashes are?