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Mulligan's Page
Mulligan was born on Dec. 22 at the Mueller's. His mom is Nancy and his dad is Pierre. He is adjusting well to home life and loves playing with his two little boys.   Sara, Brian, Connor and Zachary are in Broomfield, Colorado, and are going to have an open house so all the people on the forum who live in our area can see him!

Mulligan has been a very good boy, even ringing his bell already.

The little boy in the picture is Connor,
 who is 2 1/2,
you can tell they will
be best buddies!

The other dog in the photo is his "cousin" Spokane, my sisters Greyhound.

We spent our first night at her house in Madison before flying home the next day. Spokey didn't quite know what to think of him, especially when Mulligan was checking out his dinner!

The Mueller's said he is the spitting image of Bruno when he was a pup, and should get to be as big. (85 lbs!!) Talk about an uber-male!

Mulligan is such a good boy, here just enjoying the beautiful spring weather. He was three months in these pics and about 29 lbs.

Here are some new photos of Mulligan at about 7 months and 60 lbs.

I honestly found him sleeping with that pacifier in his mouth, now he does it all the time.

Right after a bath and brush, such a pretty boy!

Here he is expressing himself, loudly!