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Molly's Page

Molly shares her life with the Moshova Family on Long Island, New York.  Molly was born on Lovina's farm in August 2001.  She was from the last litter of Sunshine and Bentley, which makes her the half sister of Sunny and Shelby on this site.  

We got Molly from Lovina's on October 6th (I flew up with a friend of mine, who got one of her brothers--Clemenza), and she's doing really well.  

Clem actually seems to be the perfect pup, very cuddly and sweet, while Molly is a bit more tentative and mischevious -- she scored half of my son's english muffin
on one of her counter surfing adventures the other day--look out!  But she's learning daily--rings the bells to go out consistently now, knows sit, learning how to walk on a leash without pulling, mouthing a bit less (one of her canines actually came off in my hand the other day, so hopefully the end is near!) --we really love her!

This pic is a couple of weeks old already - last week she weighed in at 26 lbs (16 weeks) and I could swear she was bigger this
morning than she was last night!