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Lexie's Page

Lexie was born on January 18th, 2002 at Glen Eden in Virginia.  Her parents are Sir Andre and Alice Fisher.  Lexie now shares her life with Randy and Cindy Blatt.

Here is Lexie and her brothers saying goodbye.  

Also a picture of her breeder Judy Hahn.  What a wonderful lady to work with.

She has been a wonderful addition to our family as well as in my grooming shop. She greets everyone as if they are family. She started obedience class the week I brought her home and continues with classes in the present.

Here's Lexie and my niece Katie on Lexie's first day home

Lexie in my grooming shop looking soooo cute.

She is 10 weeks here.....

Lexie under the cage.

She's very tired after entertaining all of my grooming clients.

Our pretty puppy at 4 months.

She weighs 30 pounds.

Here is Lexie after one of our long walks.

She just loves the camera!

Here are some pictures of Lexie after I had groomed her  -  she is 5 months old in these pictures.  She just loves being in the shop. The pictures were taken about a month ago. She has since started to grow out and her coat is very wavy. I can't wait to see her this fall. Around her face and eyes, I used a scooping motion from the corner out.

On her body I used a 30 blade with a 1 inch comb and on her legs I use a 1/2 inch comb.

side view of Lexie
after grooming

another view...

close-up of Lexie
after grooming

a face view

In this picture, Cindy recently groomed her in a long puppy cut to cut down on the matting.

Cindy's very first website is up and running and there is a grooming board attached for those who have any question about dog grooming.

check it out at - cindyscaninecompanions.com