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Jessie P's Page

Jessie was born on November 5, 2001 and is now part of the Pichler family. Her littermate is Daisy. I believe Daisy was picked up the day before we picked up Jessie from the Muellers in Wisconsin. Her mom is a golden retriever and dad is a white standard poodle.

Originally, we were trying to decide between a golden retriever or standard poodle as a first pet for our 3 children (ages 8,6 and 3). A friend at my husband's work said that one of their co-workers bought a mix between those two breeds. So, we contacted her and she was kind enough to invite us over to meet her Golden Poo. We knew right away that that was the dog we wanted. She then gave us the Mueller's info. and I called right away.

There was 1 male and 1 female 8wks old and ready to be picked up. We made the 2 hr trip out to their kennel, but the female (which is the gender we had decided on) was very nervous and scared. I didn't want to bring her home to 3 active kids. So, we went on a waiting list and 1 1/2 months later our puppy was born. We picked her up at 8wks on December 29, 2001.

Jessie in box (8wks)

We had arranged with my sister to have the kids gone when we got home with her, so she could sniff around and then we placed her in a previously wrapped box just as the kids got home. They knew they were getting a delayed Christmas gift, so they were excited to learn that is was here and ready to be opened. Needless to say, they were very excited to unwrap a puppy!

Jessie sitting next to plastic tubs (8wks)

She is almost 17wks and doing well. We are experiencing quite a bit of shedding, but I'm hoping that will subside as she gets older.

Jessie peeking over gate (8wks)

Jessie outside, standing with paws in Lily's lap (3mths)

Jessie outside, playing in snow with Lily (3mths)

Jessie with all three kids (Lily, Rachel and Austin) (3mths)

Jessie laying under chair (3mths)