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Hannah & Remy's Page

Hannah & Remy were born on July 6, 2001 to Blossom (1st time mother) & of course Bentley on Lovina's farm. There were 7 boys & 2 girls in the litter.   They now share their lives with Susan and Bob in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Their littermate on this site is Beignet.

Remy was the runt. He only weighed 4 pounds when we took him at 7 weeks. He quickly ran up to my husband Bob. Bob turned into a child saying can we, can we please have him. Both Remy & Hannah have turned out great.

Remy is the darker one, and Hannah is more white.

They think they are Lady & the Tramp. Remy is so cute but always looking for trouble. Hannah is the lady and is quick to notify us if Remy even thinks about trouble. They are very smart. They ring a bell at the door if they need to go out.

Today Remy is 35 pounds and Hannah is 34 pounds. She is sleek and he is all boy.

...a little lady....

It almost never snows in Charlotte, North Carolina, but we had a surprise this year.  So at 6 months old the doodles saw their first snow.  

Remy loves his ball, even in the snow.

Hannah tried to make a snow puppy with her nose.