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Our goldenpoodle has brought so much joy to our family. Hannah is, by far, the nicest dog we've ever had. She seems to know what we're thinking and her expressions help us to know what she needs. Although, if the truth be known, we need her more than she needs us.

She has the same gentle dispossession she's had since the day we brought her home at 7 weeks and loves to hug us, as we do her. She's 3 1/2 years old and we're now ready for another pup, maybe by this summer.

Happiness is

a goldenpoodle owner

Rocky is almost 100 pounds and Hannah is about 60 pounds, both dogs are semi smooth coat pups. We have had several reunions with Hannah's siblings - it's been an awesome experience. I sold at least 25 dogs for our breeder, just taking Hannah for her daily walk.

People stop their cars and ask us what type of pup she is. And when we say "she is thee most sweet pup we've ever had and she doesn't shed" everyone asks for the breeder's name. We got our pup from Janice and Wayne Mueller in Hilbert, Wisconsin.

Hannah and her
brother, Rocky