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George's Page

George was born March 5, 2002, on the Mueller's farm to Pierre and Anne Oakley. All 5 littermates — 3 female and 2 male — were cream colored.  She lives in Minneapolis with Lauren and Jeff.

Here I am picking up my puppy for the first time. Not much experience with this sort of thing. I'll leave it to you to interpret George's body language.

George and her sister Dakota at the Mueller's (George is in the foreground — she has the smoother coat). We arrived at the same time as Dakota's family and had fun playing with the puppies. There was a lot of "Is this my puppy or yours?"

George used this picture for her Mother's Day card.

"My salad days. When I was green in judgement."

George's first bath. She really wanted in, then she really wanted out.

All dry and fluffy in bed.

George and Jeff in the kayak. The idea was that George would ride safely and comfortably in the cargo hole, but she wanted to be near her daddy. She's 11 weeks.

George on her
 first vacation at
Camp Van Vac
in Ely, MN.

George meets her half brother, the magnificent Otis, while attending puppy kindergarden at the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club. Otis is 2 and 1/2 months older than George — what a difference a couple of months make!

She does this in her water bowl, too.

Pretty content at 13 weeks

Here's our girly-girl home from the Pup Tent where she got her first hair cut. She's 15 weeks old.

A message from Rudolf and the Elves.....

This past July, Jeff took George camping on the Chippewa river in Wisconsin.

George by the campfire

We took George to the K-9 Cafe—a very urban dog experience.

She went wild

for the

karob-covered strawberries

In August we went to the Two Harbor Kayak Festival on Lake Superior. Jeff participated in the marathon and fielded many questions about his doodle.

On the way home, we explored the shoreline at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

We returned to Ely and Burntside Lake in September.

Daddy's girl

Mommy's girl

Lauren, George and Susan adrift

George's first Halloween.

Devil Dog

Hound from Hell