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Dusty Springfield's Page

We have been enjoying your pictures of Goldendoodles, which we have been perusing as we wonder what our puppy will look like when she finishes growing. Four months old, our pup is named Dusty Springfield -she is named after the 60's British blue-eyed soul pop star Dusty Springfield--the one with the big blonde beehive. She was born on Christmas Day, 2001.   Dusty lives with Barrie and Linnea in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Her mother was full Golden Retriever, a deep coppery color, and her father was a tan and very curly Goldendoodle. Dusty is apricot-colored.   It's so interesting to us that Dusty is only 1/4 poodle, and yet is so much curlier than some 1/2 and 1/2's she's met at puppy school.

8 weeks old

when Dusty still looked like
a stuffed animal

Dusty was homegrown. Her parents are the pets of an artist living across the river in St. Paul Minnesota--a friend of a friend of ours. We'd never even heard of this breed until going over to meet these pups. Our dog of 13 years, Patsy Cline, died this summer, and we didn't think we were ready to adopt yet--but you know how it goes--we fell in love and Dusty came home with us that afternoon.

She is about three months old here--

her fur has since gotten a bit longer.  

Willow (her retriever Mom) and Charlie (her Doodle father) are life companions. Their people decided to supervise one litter--nine pups. So we just lucked into this.

We'll keep sending the photos as we scan. ( I think she grows every time she takes a nap.)

big stretch

Dusty rests after helping us build our patio. She's about six months in this


Dusty and tongue lounges in the kitchen. It's still a few months before her
first haircut.

Ten months old.   Can we stand to cut our baby's hair?   This was Dusty's look just before we took her to the Pup Tent for a new do.

After the haircut. Dusty finds her inner poodle.

Dusty and her Mama spent Halloween as the Glamorous Gabor sisters

 Dusty and Pop-Pop on the Iron Trail in Northern Minnesota.

Our Curly Girl

Who's That Doodle? Dusty finds a puppy in the motel Jacuzzi faucet.

Dusty at one year (right) spent the holidays lounging with her beloved Georgie-girl. (See George's page for more of George.)