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Doodles's Page

Doodles was born on March 28, 2001 on Lovina's farm.  She now shares her live with Gina and her family in Liverpool, N.Y.  Her littermates on this site are Jake, Trixie, Oakley, Jessie, Scout, Shandy and Aspen.

We absolutely love her. She has been here about 26 hours and has not had one accident.  The neighbors are going crazy over her. My children are fighting over her. She loves chewing on my German Shepherd's tail. She is 5 pounds, the runt. She is about 1/2 the size of the rest.

It was a six hour trip and she waited to get home to go the bathroom outside, even though we stopped twice for her.  She is so adorable and lovable. I even didn't mind the 2am play time. I figured I was up all night with my boys, why not her. It is great having another female in the house, a husband, 2 boys, a male cat, and a male dog. Finally, I have an ally.

I was surprised though. At 7 weeks she is already teething. I saved my sneaker just in time.

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Buds for life
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