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Daisy's Page

Matt & Megan got Daisy from Wayne and Janice Mueller in Hilbert, Wisconsin.  We watched her grow from birth through pictures from the Muellers.   She was born on 11/5/01 to Dianne, a Golden Retreiver, and Max, a standard white poodle.  She was one of a litter of eleven - six boys and five girls.  We picked Daisy up right after Christmas - our little Christmas present!  She made it all the way home to Chicago without having an accident, although she got carsick several times.

November 8, 2001

Dianne's litter

December 4
December 10
December 19

She shares our condo with a 7-year-old brown tabby/coon cat cat named Juliet who is still very unamused at being presented with a little sister.  Interactions at the moment consist of hissing and barking,respectively.

Daisy & Daddy Matt

Daisy & Mommy Megan

Daisy is learning about housetraining, occasionally ringing the bells by the back door, but generally coming gleefully when we call her to go "out."  She wakes us up at night from her "den" next to our bed when she needs relieve herself.  She has two speeds - on and off.  When she's awake, she's very energetic little puppy.   But when she's tired, she's out like a light.  She has those characteristic Doodle ears - flying as she runs across the room!

Our Miss Daisy

She was very excited to meet her grandmother, cousins, and aunt and uncle.  Grandma is always happy to see her, and Daisy is very happy to play in Grandma's back yard in the suburbs, since she has no yard of her own in the city.


Her favorite toy is a stuffed fish that Daddy got her at the pet store before we even brought Daisy home.  "Daisy has to have this fish," Matt said.  Ah, new parents!  

Sweet fishy dreams

She manages to crawl underneath the bookcase in the living room, and we're sort of afraid what's going to happen when she gets a little too big to squeeze in!

Daisy trying to get something
from under the bookcase

Daisy is 5 months old now and so much fun! We've found about 8 tiny teeth around the house and can see some great big teeth have come in. She's been fabulous about not chewing the furniture.

Daisy & her bear

Everyone in the neighborhood wants to pet her, and all our walks end up taking twice as long as they should because so many people stop to ask about her.

Daisy by Daddy's feet

She loves people and other dogs and had a great time at puppy class. She's got "sit" down pretty well, but "stay" is much harder. And "sit" seems pretty darn easy when there's a dog treat around!

lying down

We are enjoying her so much, and there's even a bit of détente between Daisy and our cat, Juliet. Since Juliet tries to swipe Daisy with her front paws, Daisy figures that this is the way cats play, and now she lifts her paw to Juliet's. It's really funny.

Daisy and I discovered a sprinkler on our daily walk, and after getting nice and wet (it was hot!) she decided the best thing to do was roll in the mud. I laughed and laughed until she tried to shake herself off in the tub and got me and the bathroom covered in dirty water!


....and after!

Since this winter has been wet and snowy, Daisy’s paws get totally muddy when we go out to play fetch and catch. To minimize the damage to the household, we’ve taught Daisy to jump into the bathtub so we can wash off her paws. One day, I decided to rinse her off in our building’s laundry room before taking her upstairs to our apartment. After drying off her feet, I went to hang my coat up and Daisy trotted off into the apartment. When I went looking for her, where did I find her but in the tub, waiting for a wash!

She looks like a sheep,
 but eats like a goat!

Daisy at 12 months, December 2002

Matt and Daisy lounging in bed, with a stuffed moose in the background.

In Memoriam November 5, 2001 - July 11, 2012