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Cedi's Page

Cedi was born on March 1st, 2002. (The same date as our daughter Isabelle, we have 2 toddlers now :)! He now lives with the Wilson family in Tampa, Florida.

We got him from Rainbow Park at 8 weeks of age. The ladies there were great to deal with, we were very happy with the process. Imagine the anticipation of waiting months for a pup and they call and tell you you can see him on their website. (We ran to the computer) They had selected Cedi for us and posted a picture of him with a personalized caption. It was such an exciting moment, and a wonderful service from the breeder. Thanks Sheila & Sandy!

Cedi 7 weeks

The photo posted by Rainbow Park--

Such a patient model, we were so proud and hadn't even held him yet!

We were apprehensive about sending him on a plane, but it worked out so beautifully that Cedi's sister was coming to a family just an hour away from us. They were able to fly together!

Cedi 8 weeks

Florida doodles prefer
cool tile floors!

Cedi is a happy, healthy, big boy. He has a beautiful golden, slightly wavy coat, and at 13 weeks old he weighs in at 20 pounds. We (as brand new puppy owners) are adjusting to puppyhood.

He seems to be responding quite well to commands, but we haven't mastered the "Cedi, not on the white carpet" concept... it's getting better. We think we are the one's who need the most training! We look forward to entering him, and us, in puppy school!

Cedi 9 weeks

crazy curl

One of the most adorable features he has is this crazy curl on his muzzle right between his eyes.  We hope it stays after he looses his puppy coat!

More to come!