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Bruno & Rufus's Page

Bruno is 4 years old and lives in Wisconsin with Wayne & Janice Mueller.  He was born at their own Mueller Woodville Kennels.

We are very proud of Bruno and think a lot of him.   He's fantastic with children, loves the water, non-shedding, gets along great with other pets and is the most laid back dog we have ever seen.

Bruno is our buddy....

Here's our addition to our family - Rufus.  He was born Jan. 23rd, 2002. This is Rufus at 3 1/2 months.

Here's Rufus after his bath
 at 6 1/2 mos.

He's a honey.

Here's more of a close up of Rufus.

Here's Rufus at 6 mos.

 "Time for a chew".

It was haircut time for Rufus. He's about 7 1/2 mos and weighs 51 lbs.

Big buddy Bruno weighs 101 lbs.

It was popsicle break time for our daughter and Rufus.

Here's Rufus' dad-Billy. He's a beautiful and strong Golden Retriever.