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Bentley lives with the Nerhood Family in West Virginia. He was born June 12th, 2001, at Amy Lane's Fox Creek Kennels in Maryland.

We have Bentley, who is an apricot, very curly-haired male puppy. He is 7 months old and wonderful. I am now thinking about getting another, a girl, within the next year. I know Bentley would love a playmate.

Update - November 2002

Bentley Nerhood of the USA has a new baby sister named Annabelle,
Annie for short.

In picture 1, Bentley is welcoming her to her new home. She also came from Amy Lane in Maryland and she was born Jan. 28th, 2002.

Pix 2 is the two of them becoming more comfortable and playing a little on the dog bed.

Pix 3 they are sharing a snack.

Annabelle is about 3 months old, taking a break after running around with Bentley.

Annabelle at 4 months old

Bentley chasing Annie through the ocean surf at the beach in South Carolina.

They absolutely love the water and usually are chasing a frisbee, which they play tug-a-war with.

Bentley at about 13months old

He's really scruffy,
needs a haircut, but adorable either way.

They are full of energy, but Bentley has moved onto advanced training. They love to retrieve anything, take walks, or more likely runs, and ride in the car. They love the beach and go with us about 5 times a year. They prefer cooler weather, which is
why we keep them trimmed. They will do most anything for a dog cookie!!!

Bentley and Annie looking in the
kitchen door. They are 14 and 7 mo. old

This one is my Christmas card, they are freshly groomed and sitting pretty.

They are 16mo. and 9 months.

Bentley at 3 months

"a sweetie"

Bentley likes to sit underneath my chair and follow me from room to room.

4 months old

He also likes to chase our cats, but hasn't figured out what squirrels are yet. I also introduced him to some horses and they licked each others faces..That was something. He really wanted to run out into the pasture and play with those "big dogs". I had to really hold him back.  

Bentley 5 months

He exchanged kisses with this horse!


needs a haircut

Right before puppy cut -

really is skinny!

Right after puppy cut.
They blew him dry and all his curl went away (at least for a while)

We think he is so cute!! He also loves the snow. When he comes in his face looks like Santa Claus with snow all over his face. He likes to eat the snow. He also jumps alot, like he has springs in his feet.

Bentley at 7 months

He weighs 49 pounds and is
24 inches tall!

His fur is more curly now since gotten wet!

He has been to the beach with us once and loved running free on the beach. Wasn't too crazy about the ocean.