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Bella's Page

Bella was born November 19, 2001 at Wayne and Janice Mueller's Woodville Kennels. We feel very fortunate to have Bella, since she was originally reserved for another family, who had to change their plans at the last minute, allowing Bella to become available. Even though Bella was born near Green Bay, we have no doubts she'll become a loyal fan of the Minnesota Vikings this fall! Bella now lives with Heather and Mike in Plymouth, Minnesota where she learned to love romping in the snow!"

Bella's favorite activities include rooting through the laundry basket, looking for stray socks, chasing tennis balls, learning to catch, and playing with her best friend and neighbor dog - Ping-Pong.

...behind bars

As a recent graduate of basic puppy obedience class, Bella has mastered the key commands of sit, stay, down, shake, wait and come. Now if we could just teach her to ignore the doorbell...!

checking out goldendoodles.com
with Mike

Enjoying a quiet moment with her toys

Stretching out....

Bella with Mike