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Beignet's Page

My name is Dana and our family got a puppy from one of Lovina's last litters this summer(July 6th.) We call him Beignet (which in french means Donut) because we just moved back to the States after living in France for 3 years and wanted him to remind us of our time there, even though he is from Canada. We also live close to the Quebec border, in that we moved to Vermont. So the French connection is there too!

We love Beignet, he has been very adorable and cute. We always get loads of people around us admiring him and my two boys Zach (10) and Eli (5) always get envious looks because people wish they could take him home like they get to.

It is our family's first dog and it has been quite an experience. Beignet is a pretty good puppy and rarely makes mistakes in the house. He is quite an "exuberant" dog too as we found out in Puppy classes, since he always wants to play with the other dogs and not be attentive. He has learned all his basic puppy training commands for the most part, so we are happy.

David and the kids at
Mt. Philo State Park in Ferrisburgh, VT,
overlooking Lake Champlain and the turning leaves of autumn, when Beignet was about 12 weeks.

He had to put up with a lot, since when we got him, we had not even moved into our newly built house yet and he stayed with us in our hotel for a week, but he was very good. We were a little hesitant about him in the new house, but he has adapted very well!

Beignet and Dana at his basic puppy class graduation.

 He really didn't care for the hat ...but at least he graduated.

Here are 3 recent pictures of Beignet on the snow-covered golf course behind our house.
He weighs over 50 lbs now ( he is 7 months old after all!) and is soon to be neutered.

 We can only tell he's really champagne and apricot colored when the snow falls.

  See the mountains and grain silos?

Beignet looks very picturesque doesn't he?

This is farther away, but I thought it was a cool picture nonetheless.

That bird was quite a temptation.