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Amber's Page

Amber was born on April 18, 2001 at Amy Lane's Fox Creek Kennels in Maryland.  She now shares her life with the Cusanelli Family in Frederick, Maryland.  Amber is a first generation hybrid, with a curly coat, and she does not shed.

At 8 months old Amber's face has filled in quite nicely, and she's always quick to place it right in front of the camera.

Upon her arrival at her new home, Amber was 8 weeks old, 10.5 pounds, just a little playful ball of fluff, - and what a joy! We named her after a weekend-long voting process, which saw over 100 potential names (suggestions from 5 family members and then some) reduced down to three favorites, and then to a final one: Amber.

a playful ball of fluff

Amber at 8 weeks old

'adoption day'
 Dee claims that Amber is the cutest dog she's ever seen, and Dom has to agree
(we're only a little bit biased)
Crate training was easy - about 5 minutes of whimpering the first night, and only a couple peeps for a few nights thereafter. By the next week, she was sleeping right through the night in her "home". Housebreaking, with a few inevitable accidents, took about 3 weeks.

Amber's intelligence and temperament has made her easy to train so far. In just a few sessions with my wife and I, she has learned all the basic commands. She'll begin "Puppy Head Start" classes next week.

Amber at 13 weeks of age - about 15 inches tall and 19 pounds.
Super active, and if she's not watched, the little devil will get herself into trouble.

It's been a long time since we've experienced a puppy's energy and curiosity levels.
Amber and Anthony

(that's one big puppy!)

We took her to the groomer just after these photos were taken, because she was getting really furry, and the weather had been hot. But no shedding, even with the long fur! She had been an active nipper up to this point, but only a few days of over-emphasized "Ouches" (good suggestion from the puppy trainer) put an end to that.

Amber at 21 weeks of age -
about 19 inches tall and 35 pounds

She now has long poodle legs and prances around - she's also extremely fast now when she wants to run. She easily masters all the commands from puppy class (she knew most of them already). Even though she responds well to commands, her activity level and curiosity still necessitate constant supervision.
She loves playing outside, or just looking out from our 2nd floor deck, hour long walks, and digging in the yard (we're working on that one!)

Over the short period of the last 4 weeks, she has lost just about all her puppy teeth. On just about every walk we take now, someone comments on how cute Amber is, and inquires as to what type of dog she is. The word is spreading!

Amber, at 8 months old, has become quite a beautiful girl. She is now 22 inches at the shoulder and weighs 45 pounds. Her coat has become thick and luxurious, and has remained very soft, wavy rather than curly. The below freezing temperatures we've had over the last few weeks don¹t seem to phase her at all, as she still likes to stay out on our deck for hours.

She has remained non-shedding, but a daily brushing is necessary to clean off debris and keep her from getting tangled or matted.
She is still very active and playful most of the time (tough to photograph), but she has exhibited longer and longer periods of calm, when she is content to sleep or rest, or chew on / play with one of her many bones or toys. However, she still displays a super-charged excitable side whenever friends or relatives stop by. Even as Amber's grown, she's remained puppy-cute.
No one can resist petting her when she strikes a pose like this one.

Amber's joints appear to be extremely flexible, and she seems to be able to get into comfortable positions unlike any previous dog we've known. Perhaps this is a another result of the hybrid vigor.

One of Amber's favorite ways to relax is stretched out on a soft rug, with her body almost completely flat.
We have really been enjoying life with our Doodle.