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Alli's Page

We got Alli from Wayne and Janice Mueller in Hilbert Wisconsin. She was born on February 15th 2002, and flew to the state of Washington to live with the Tri family. Our three daughters, Kennedy (5) Paige (3) and London (1) were anxiously awaiting her arrival and have been in love ever since!


We are convinced that Goldendoodles are the perfect family dog! We are excited for Alli to grow, and can't wait to spend many years with her.

meeting my new family

Thanks to this site, we made the wise decision to get a Goldendoodle. We encourage anyone considering a Goldendoodle to do it! YOU WON"T BE SORRY!!!

The Tri Family

Kennedy, Paige & Alli

A fabulous photograph of Alli at 15 weeks -

Here is a new picture of Alli at 5 months

Alli & Jack

 they love this woozle toy-

they team carry it all over the back yard together