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Abby's Page

The Carpenter Family picked Abby up from Amy Lane at 9 weeks. She was born March 16, 2002 to Bella Breeze (golden mom) and Andre (poodle dad) at Glen Eden. She was great on the 8 hour car ride from Maryland to Massachusetts.

Playing with one of her favorite new toys

She's taking to housetraining really well (with a few accidents as to be expected), and is sleeping through the night.

Just relaxing...

She is starting to enjoy her crate and is going in it on her own to play or sleep.

Meeting her "Uncle Manny" for the first time

We just love her - she's everything we had hoped for in a puppy.

Such a sweetie

The nipping and "puppy frenzies" are as we had expected, but when she's calm and playing she's such a cuddler.

We just love our little girl!

Abby is growing up so fast - now 18 weeks old - we are having so much fun with her.  She's now about 25 lbs, double what she was when we first got her. She's doing really well at puppy class (would you believe there is another goldendoodle in her class - Bailey - he is about a month older than Abby).

She enjoyed her first mini-hike in the woods -
she is 14 weeks old here

 At 15 weeks - enjoying floating on the raft in our pool.

She likes floating but not swimming yet

Sporting her festive 4th of July bandana
at 16 weeks old

Here is a close up
at 11 weeks....

All pretty after a bath
(17 weeks)

I just took this picture and it’s the best one I’ve taken of her to date so thought I’d put it up….

Hanging out in the backyard – 5 months

Abby is now 8 months - she loves to play in the yard, catch a frisbee in the air, play with her best friend Lilly (a 10 month yellow lab), sleep like a "big girl" outside her crate etc....

Looking a little mangy, but smiling pretty for the camera...

She'll do anything for a piece of cheese....

Striking a cute pose....

Abby is now 10 months old - she LOVES the snow, but is not loving the giant snowballs that attach to her shaggy hair after playing in it. Because she is wet so much, her hair is starting to really mat, so we're thinking it is time for a new hairstyle...We're sad, because we love the shaggy look...

Abby on the deck

lying on a rug

One year old -
fresh from the groomers and looking pretty.