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Woofers Page

Woofers at 11 weeks

Woofers the golden doodle was born on January 25, 2006 in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Kings Doodles). His father, Sunny, is an apricot standard poodle and his mother, Nikki is a golden retriever. He was the smallest male of a litter of 10 (5 boys, 5 girls).

Here is Woofers and his littermates, Woofers is one nearest the bottom of the picture
(his head is up on the bum/tails of the other pups!)

Woofers at 4½ weeks

and Abigail

He came to live in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia with his human parents, Kimberley and Charlie, and human siblings Ben (age 9) and Abigail (age 6) when he was 2 months old and weighed 5 pounds. He loved his crate from the beginning, and has always slept through the night. He was the last puppy to leave the King’s, so he had a few nights alone before he came to live with us. He immediately joined puppy socialization classes upon his arrival home, and was the star of the class.

Woofers at  9 weeks with Ben

Woofers at 9 weeks

12 weeks

15 weeks

with Ben

At age 4 months, Woofers weighed 35 lbs. He joined puppy obedience classes and learned to “sit”, “shake paw”, and “lay down”. He loves to please us! Sister Abigail loves to “fluff’ his wavy coat, and brother Ben says that he gets cuter every day. We have been having a lot of fun connecting with all of Woofers’ littermates. Woofers is our first family pet, and the experience has been very positive!

4 months old and growing strong!

first bath

This is Woofers and his sister Sumpi - this is the first time they saw each other since they moved in with their new families! Woofers in on the right.

Woofers and his friend Lucie, a doodle who lives near us

Woofers (age 4 months) loves to entertain in his "house"

Woofers age 5 months in his first professional photograph!

age 6 months

Woofers, age 7 months after his first haircut. Here he is with our groomer "Amy.” He is very proud of his new haircut - we were delighted that he came out so fluffy!

Woofers and his family hosted the first Nova Scotia doodle romp on September 10, 2006. Pictured above (left to right) are littermates: Jaz, Woofers and Monty - what a beautiful family!

 Here is Woofers, age 9 months with his girlfriend Buttercup. They love to play together, and especially to chase each other around a bush at Buttercup's house.

Woofers loves to play with his pylon. It is a great "chase me" game!

Woofers, age 9 months with his doodle friend Jake, romping along a nature trail near our home. They especially enjoy swimming in the brook!

At age 10 1/2 months Woofers loves a Canadian Winter!

For his first Christmas Woofers gave his human sibling new sweatshirts!"

Woofers celebrated his first birthday on January 26, 2007 - he enjoyed ice cream with his doggy pals at doggy daycare, and enjoyed a bone-shaped cake with his family.

April 2007, age 1 year 3 months - Woofers enjoying a doggy ice cream on a beautiful Spring day

July 1, 2007 - Woofers age 1 year 5 months enjoying a rest in a hammock with his family.

Woofers (1 year 8 months) meets his new sister "Grace" (age 3 days old)

Woofers and Ben

Woofers and his pet baby Grace!

Woofers playing his favorite game of ball