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Summit's Page

He was born March 29, 2006 in a litter of 9 puppies. Mom is a Golden Retriever and Dad is a White Standard Poodle. He is a very relaxed, mellow puppy. He loves the water and being outdoors. He sometimes seems aloof in character. We started obedience training when he was 11 weeks old and he has proven to be a really quick learner. He gets car sick if we travel for over 1 hour, bummer. He loves going for long walks and is especially playful with our 12 year old daughter. What a great addition to our family, couldn’t ask for a better dog. Anyone who is exploring getting this crossbreed should go for it as far as we are concerned.

Summit at 6 weeks old. He was the blondest and the second biggest in the litter.
Summit on a walk down
to the lake when he was 9 weeks old.   He is a real crowd stopper even now at 4 months.  Walks become very long with all the people stopping you.  
Summit at about 10 weeks old.
He slept a bunch when he was little It seemed that every time he had a nap he grew visibly bigger.  
Summit at about 11 weeks old at home.  He really isn't into balls that much, but
has many favorite toys.  
Down for a swim at the lake at
around 14 weeks.  He loves the water but not the spear grass.  
Our first camping trip at almost 4 months old.  He loved the hiking and tenting.  
The weather was hot on
our camping trip, so Summit decided to cool off in a glacier fed stream.  He hung out in it for about 4 minutes, yikes.  
Swimming in
a mountain lake around Rogers Pass area.
Watering the garden has become a challenge for obvious reasons!
4 months old, 35 lbs.
Bigger, but
still up for a cuddle with dad.